Hot/Warm Facial Waxing course

Extend your menu of treatments on offer to your clients. This introduction course to waxing will cover both warm and hot waxing techniques suitable for female and male clientele.

We will be covering areas of the face to include eyebrows, upper lip and nose. The techniques taught will allow you to work with both systems, Hot and Warm wax and on both female and male clients.

This introductory course will give you the foundations and techniques to confidently remove hair in these areas whether you are a beauty therapist refreshing skills in hot wax, a barber who wants to include facial hair removal for clients or a hairdresser wishing to increasing their treatment list.

Course materials will be supplied to include health and safety, application methods and aftercare.

Models 16 years or above will be required during the session and you will be notified the time they will need to attend when booking your course.



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