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Our website will help you discover and inspire you on your journey within the industry. We have 2 elements to the training school, one is directed towards private training courses and the other for funded programmes accessed through government initiatives.

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Mac-Ed Students Say


“During my training I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor than Alison, she made my qualification so easy and helped me achieve my goals to the best of my abilities!

She has a great deal of patience even if I needed her to explain something 10 times over. Alison has helped me to be a more confident person, this has now helped me to own my own Barber Shop. I couldn’t have built this confidence and good attitude towards my working life without her”.
“My training with Emma was amazing. After passing on her skills and experience I secured a position in a salon and started up a YouTube channel which has over 4 million views.

I now have my own nail salon and am thankful every day for the knowledge shared, I absolutely love my job and the industry.”
I was lucky to be Emma’s student for 2 years while I studied Beauty Therapy. I have now completed my training and work in an Aesthetic Clinic in Bristol. Emma is very professional, knowledgeable and inspiring although she expects high standards from us, she has a lovely sense of humour and years of experience within the beauty industry. Emma was always very approachable, and no student concern was left unattended. I always felt supported and encouraged by Emma. Her lessons were always interesting and well structured, and I admired her ability to explain and repeat information in many different ways, always with a smile and patience.
I enrolled at college to study hairdressing as a mature student and worried about how I would fit into a class of students. My tutor Alison made me feel like a valued member of the class, the support and encouragement I received was amazing. She set goals for all of us and gave us the knowledge and tools we needed to complete the task. In fact this enabled us to complete a 3 year course in 2 years. During this time I evolved into a confident hairdresser who entered competitions and gained awards and acknowledgement. Thank you Alison for everything you did for me, I will always be grateful.


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