E-filing Nail Training Course 18.10.22




Learn to competently use an electric filing system (e-file) on nail enhancements for:


Removing lifting,


Finish filing

Reshaping of nail enhancements

Reducing free edge

French cut outs

Speed up your treatment process and eliminate the risk of repetitive strain from continuous manual filing of extensions which is a huge advantage for busy nail techs

Learn how to safely use the e-file to create beautiful, perfectly shaped nails in less time than the traditional methods. We will teach you correct sterilization methods, sanitisation and relevant PPE wearing.

During the course you will learn about contra-indications, anatomy and physiology, speed, RPM, Talk and Bits!!

This 1 day course will give you all the knowledge you need to introduce this electric filing system into your treatments.


You will be required to bring your own e-filing machine on the day.